What's all this then...

Spacemarket is an interface for the exchange of empty spaces across Western Australia. The team at Spacemarket represent and belong to a substantial and growing community of small businesspeople, designers and entrepreneurs who have a desire to inhabit space in central areas and, for various reasons, may not be able to acquire it. We perceived a gap between this cohort and the owners and managers of vacant spaces and set out to facilitate their connection, which we established in March 2011.

The Directors of Spacemarket have specific knowledge of buildings, building codes, planning and management that enable us to create projects and make appropriate matches of building owners and users. 

Our mission is: 
pairing disused spaces and useful people.

Building over our six years of operation, our projects have been responsible to over 250 businesses, employing over 500 people, Spacemarket now have 8,000 subscribers and followers online via our various online platforms and have facilitated some 800+ pairings over 30,000m2 of floorspace across greater Perth, and elsewhere. 

Spacemarket has executed a number of successful projects throughout Western Australia, including; MANY 6160 (Fremantle), Moana Chambers (Perth), King St Studios (Perth), The Ward (Perth), MANY Triple Zero (Fremantle), MANY North Freo, MANY East Perth and MANY 2.0 (Fremantle).